The Swiss Luxury Replica Cartiers’ By Francesca Cartier Brickell

When you think of Cartier replica, you tend, quite naturally, to think of objects. If you’re a watch enthusiast, you think, also quite naturally, of things like the Cartier Tank (in its enormous variety of forms) as well as other designs that have, for many decades, been part of the established landscape of cheap replica wristwatches and that have become classics in their own right. Indeed, the entire history of Cartier is a history of the evolution of a holistic design language through many decades – the firm was founded in 1847 by Louis François Cartier, who took over the workshop of a jeweler named Picard, with whom he apprenticed – and since then, the company has persisted and flourished through three major wars (the Franco-Prussian War, World War I, and World War II) and innumerable economic and internal crises both great and small. Throughout that time, the Cartier look became increasingly more and more refined, and today, the firm still goes to great lengths to ensure that its jewelry, watches, and other creations continue to have that indefinable aura that characterizes a Cartier design.

But what is often missed are the stories of the people behind the creations, which in many cases have been with us so long as to seem to have appeared through some process of spontaneous generation, in some semi-mythic period, perhaps from a higher Platonic realm of artistic necessity. The reality, of course, is that they were, one and all, the result of minds and hands that applied themselves tirelessly to the creation of beautiful objects and to satisfying the often extremely capricious tastes of exceedingly demanding clients. Who those people were is the subject of Francesca Cartier Brickell’s book, The top quality Cartier replica watch: The Untold Story Of The Family Behind The Jewelry Empire.
As she tells it, the story began for her on July 23, 2009 – it was the 90th birthday of her beloved grandfather, Jean-Jacques Cartier, the last member of the founding family to direct the London boutique in New Bond Street, and the last family member to preside over one of the family businesses, which were based in New York, London, and Paris. As she tells it, she was asked to go down to the cellar of her grandfather’s home in the South of France to scout out a bottle of vintage champagne that had been saved for the occasion. The wine at first eluded her, but in the course of searching for it, she came across an old steamer trunk, half-buried under dust and a collection of other objects. What she found inside was a historian’s treasure trove. “Inside were hundreds and hundreds of letters. They were neatly arranged into bundles, each pile tied with a faded yellow, pink, or red ribbon and labeled in beautiful handwriting on a thick white card.” The letters were nothing less than an entire history of the Cartier firm, written in the first person by the family that built it from a relatively humble, obscure Parisian jewelry workshop, into an international presence which defined luxury for generations.
The book that she eventually produced took ten years to write and led her around the world to uncover the largely unknown story of the Cartier family, and it relates that history in exhaustive detail. At 656 pages, it reminded me of reading The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire more than once, and I mean that as a compliment. The book is impressive not just for its sheer scope and complexity, but also for the absorbing and intertwining stories of both the family and its clients – a drama played out over generations on an international stage, with princes and kings and queens and captains of industry in featured and starring roles.

There is the notorious courtesan, La Barucci, who reigned over Parisian society in the years after the Franco-Prussian War, and who proclaimed, “I am the Venus de Milo. I am the number one putain in Paris!” There is a hapless Russian admiral, whom the author archly describes as in love with “fast women and slow ships.” There is the Romanov family, Cartier clients before the Russian Revolution, and afterwards, when the firm assisted those who fled Russia with their jewels in disposing of them discreetly. There are maharajahs and maharanis; there are film stars, including Richard Burton, who spectacularly lost his famous temper upon finding out that he had been out-bid by Cartier on an enormous diamond he’d intended to give Elizabeth Taylor, and who spent the next day at the payphone in his hotel until he finally managed to convince Cartier to sell it to him (“I flew into a rage,” he would later write in his diary). There is the flamboyant Jean Cocteau, for whom Cartier made a bejeweled dress sword to his design, upon his investiture into the Académie Français – and on and on.
But at the center of all these stories is the Cartier family itself – and, most especially, the three brothers, who at the end of the 19th century, and during the early decades of the 20th, made best fake Cartier an international institution: “the jeweler of kings, and the king of jewelers.” Jacques Cartier in London, Pierre Cartier in New York, and Louis Cartier in Paris were living proof of the old adage that blood is thicker than water, and Francesca Cartier Brickell paints a detailed and revealing portrait of each – of their intense, passionate loyalty to each other, and to the ideal of building their empire on a foundation of peerless good taste, careful diplomacy, and an intolerance for anything but the very best, as well as a consideration for their employees that made each of the three branches of the firm a kind of extended family of artisans and business people.

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About wrist watches, decorative function and chronograph function, which one is better for you? For me, I think wrist watch is an accessory more than a timepiece. So, when I choose wrist watches, the appearance is of great importance for me.

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What’s more, the 18k white gold dial is decorated with black enamel and 36 diamonds(0.63 carats). The cheap copy Cartier watch has no hour marks. It is difficult to read the time. As a timepiece, it is not practical. However, as an accessory, it is eye-catching.

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How you use your time depends on you. But the effects could be on your work, on your mind and maybe even on your life. Gone are the days when people used to be okay with whatever they had. Now people work super hard to achieve more and more. The era has wholly transformed, and this era values time the most. As we say, ‘once gone, it never comes back.’ So, it’s imperative to value time and bring the most out of every second. It is not just like that that since childhood, we are taught that time is money. Although you couldn’t get the meaning then, now you do. Being disciplined and punctual is essential, and with this, there arises the need for a good quality wristwatch that serves the purpose and looks great on the wrist.

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Cartier is among the top jewelers that excel in its products, be it jewels, bracelets, or watches. A few years back, it reinterpreted its excellent watchmaking department. Since then, till now, it manages to come up with a complex and complicated yet stunning watch every year that has everything to surprise people. Cartier Panthere watch collection is among the best that the company introduced. However, the brand discontinued the production of the same back in 2004. Since then, the Cartier Panthere replica watch is the one that people seek to get the vibes. The watch is the must-have for those who have a soft corner for vintage designs, styles, and beauty. The golden color of the watch is what people love the most. Not only it brings back the traditional feels but also gives an elegant look to your wrist. 

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Moreover, the high-quality chain of the watch has perfect thickness and boldness to make it last a lifetime. The replica Cartier Panthere watches pay close attention to every detail of the original piece to recreate it successfully. This is to satisfy the customer who seeks the watch after the company discontinued its production. Just to let you know, after 2004, Cartier Panthere remained the most sought-after watch for around 13 years. That’s a massive thing for any watch, and thus, the need for replica ones is undeniable.  

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According to the special version in 1936, Cartier not only puts forwards the version in the same gold, it also has the other two perfect watches copy Cartier Tank Asymétrique with Arabic numerals to highlight the value and rarity.

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As the dials of the artistic Cartier fake watches with leather straps and 47.15 * 26.2mm in diameter are shown in rhombus, the locations of the numbers have been moved 30 degrees to the right side. Not displaying all the numbers, the dials only show the even numbers.

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Using leather straps to maintain the elegance and comfort, the cheap reproduction watches are set with ruby for the platinum form, and sapphire for the rose gold style.

Amazingly, the rose gold cases Cartier watches are featured with blue leather straps, and while the platinum cases well coordinate with black leather straps.

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Baignoire is a fascinating series of Cartier that is tailor made for female wearers. Its bathtub-shaped cases are special and attractive.

Today, let’s enjoy the charming watches copy Cartier Baignoire WJBA0015 that were launched in SIHH 2019.

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In 32*26 mm, the luxury replica watches are made from polished 18k white gold and decorated with bright cutting diamonds on the bezels. Together, they have black alligator leather straps and white dials. Black and white is a wonderful color-collocation.

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Besides, the perfect fake Cartier watches are equipped with quartz movements that are precise and stable. Females with many accessories should not always wear the quartz movement watches and these watches are still accurate.

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Men have just little accessories, so wrist watches are of great importance to them. Today, I’d like to recommend the delicate watches copy Santos De Cartier WSSA0022.

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In 43.5*31.4 mm, the male replica watches are in 7.3 mm, which are ultrathin. So, they are light, which can give the wearers comfortable wearing feeling.

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Matched from polished stainless steel, the perfect fake Cartier watches have blue alligator leather straps and silvery dials with black Roman numerals and blue sword-shaped hour and minute hands.

Simple in designs, but superb in functions, the well-designed watches are worth having.

UK Brand-new Fake Pasha De Cartier Watches Go On The Market

Pasha De Cartier is a special series of Cartier, which is easy to identify because of its round case and square minute scales. You can see the square from the round, one is able to see that is coming.

Born in 1985, this series is one of the legend of Cartier watches.

This year, the famous watch brand pushed out several brand-new replica watches.

There are stainless steel edition, 18k gold edition, 18k rose gold edition, diamonds edition and hollowed dial edition for you to choose.

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All the well-designed copy Pasha De Cartier watches have Arabic numerals 3, 6, 9 and 12, square black minute scales, remarkable blue hands and date windows between 4 and 5 o’clock. The blue hands go well with the blue sapphires on the crowns.

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What’s more, the perfect fake Cartier watches have “QuickSwitch” on the cases and “SmartLink” on the bracelets, so the wearers can change the bracelets or straps conveniently. They can choose suitable bracelets or straps according their whole look.

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When it comes to Cartier CPCP, maybe most of you are not well-versed; but when it comes to Cartier Tank, almost of you must hear about its name. In fact, CPCP belongs to Tank.

In 1997, in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Cartier, Tank pushed out a batch of high-quality watches. In 1998, the famous watch brand launched “Collection Privee Cartier Paris” in state that is also called “CPCP”.

Silvery Dials Fake Cartier CPCP Monopoussoir Watches

However, the unique series stopped production in 2008 because Cartier spent more time doing independent research and development.

Brown Straps Copy Cartier CPCP Monopoussoir Watches

The perfect replica watches have square shape editions, round shape editions, tonneau shape editions and some other special shape editions, which are rare and eye-catching. Some elaborate edition, like this Monopoussoir is worth collecting now.

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Ballon Bleu De Cartier is the most popular series of Cartier, which has the typical blue sapphire on the bezel at 3 o’clock. In the following, I’d like to recommend you extraordinary watches copy Ballon Bleu De Cartier W6920021.

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What’s more, the perfect fake Cartier watches have grey openwork satin-finish grid dials with black Roman numerals, blue sword-shaped hour and minute hands, 60-second chronograph sub-dials and tourbillons. The well-designed watches are attractive.

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Tank is the most popular series of Cartier, which is welcome among both male and female wearers. In the following, I’d like to recommend you two perfect replica watches of Cartier Tank.

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  • 24.4*31 MM Copy Cartier Tank W1019555 Watches

The female watches made from stainless steel have silvery dials and white leather alligator leather straps that are elegant, durable and comfortable. You can see white sapphires on the crowns. The fancy watches can be delicate accessories.

The male copy watches have black leather straps.
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  • 34.3*44.1 MM Fake Cartier Tank HPI00623 Watches

The luxurious watches designed for men are made from polished 18k white gold and decorated with rectangle cutting sapphires on the bezels and diamonds. These sapphires add charm to the male watches. With the dazzling watches on the wrists, the men will be more attractive.