The Two Luxury Cartier Tank Replica Watches Buying Guide

If you’re looking to add a new-model Tank to your watch rotation, the current 1:1 replica Cartier lineup offers something for everyone, from the steel Tank Must Solarbeat to the jauntily-angled gold Tank Asymétrique, which is part of the ultra-exclusive Cartier Privée collection. Vintage Tanks, meanwhile, are a world unto themselves, with over a century’s worth of designs—the 1919 aaa quality fake Cartier Tank Normale, the curvaceous 2010s Tank Anglaise—to choose from.

“Vintage Tanks can vary in price, depending on the condition of the watch, the model and the size, from under $1,000 for a gold-plated (or ‘vermeil’) UK top fake Must de Cartier Tank from the 1980s, to hundreds of thousands of dollars for platinum or white gold models,” advises Eric Wind, Founder and Owner of Wind Vintage in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Fake Cartier Tank Francaise
The perfect replica Cartier Tank Française, which is identifiable by a square dial and chunkier brancards, was added to the Tank family in 1996 and said to be based on an archival model from the 1930s. It’s the only Tank model that’s exclusively available on a metal bracelet, which makes it the sportiest of the bunch.

The Replica Cartier Tank Must
The Must was created in the late ’70s as an affordable addition to the uk aaa quality replica Cartier catalog, and reintroduced in 2021 to replace the outgoing Tank Solo collection. It’s still the most accessible Tank in the lineup, as well as the only version available with Swiss movement fake Cartier’s light-powered Solarbeat quartz movement.

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